Implant Dentistry Grant Program

An Implant Dentistry Grant (IDG) is free to apply for and is available to anyone that wishes to improve their oral health and return to normal oral function.


To be eligible for consideration of an IDG grant, an applicant simply needs to be missing two or more teeth and demonstrate a need for oral rehabilitation.  To determine suitability, you are provided with a comprehensive oral assessment by a Dental Practitioner in your area who is an I.S.O.R. (International Society of Oral Rehabilitation) Member.


Since the initiation of the Implant Dentistry Grant (IDG) program there have been hundreds of applicants who have expressed interest in coming in for an evaluation of their needs with respect to dental implant treatment.  The interest has not subsided and we still see many who are applying and requesting help.  Many applicants have chosen to proceed with the help of the grant and the program has been a huge success.


Here is a brief review of how the IDG program works:

After a careful assessment of the suitability of the candidates for implant dentistry through an online application and a telephone assessment, we invite the applicants for a no charge consultation which includes a discussion of their needs by a highly qualified implant Surgeon/implant restorative doctor. This visit includes all the necessary films as well and is complimentary.  This assessment is very important as we would only know what the extent of the dental disability of each candidate is, but taking a thorough look and reviewing the individual needs of each candidate.

Many grants exist through the IDG program to help as many of the applicants towards their own individual needs based on the state of their own mouths.  These grants average at about $3,000-6,000 on cases involving rehabilitating a patient’s upper or lower arch with full dental implants and up to $15,000 thousand dollars in instances where both sets of upper and lower teeth are restored with dental implants.  Smaller grants to help
individuals with lesser needs are also available.

After the consultation, the IDG team evaluates patient cases and notes, their individual needs, and suitability for the grant program.  At the end of a given quarter, successful Grant qualifying applicants will be contacted and encouraged to meet again briefly to review their clinical options and financial arrangements.  We have found that most patients do feel that in fact this is the best opportunity to restore the health of their failing teeth and deteriorating mouth.  The life transformations in cases where confidence and chewing is restored, pain is eliminated, shrinking jaw bones are stabilized, and quality of life returns to the best in decades is really incredible to observe and be a part of.

We thank you all for taking the time to meet with us for your implant dentistry assessment, and we hope to meet the needs of as many candidates as possible.